PrP associati was founded in 2012 by a group of self-employed engineering designers.

The firm specialises in combining aspects of systems design with the architectural requirements of buildings and it pays close attention to energy saving.

Interaction among different design sections has influenced how the plant-building system is conceived and has transformed the effort-wasting designing by sector into a more efficient single multidisciplinary approach to design.

PrPassociati considers bringing systems design together with the “Building System” into a single entity and close cooperation with the architectural world to be a winning strategy for success in the engineering field.

The acquisition of specific knowledge combined with experience, seen as a continuous measuring up against ever new operating situations, form the basis of our job.

Therefore, starting from a careful analysis of the actual context and what is required of us, we can develop customized solutions that precisely meet the customer’s requirements.

With Prp Associati you can depend on first-rate service and advice based on long and sound experience as well as a technically very reliable job of the highest quality.


PrP Associati - via Giosuč Carducci 10, 10060, Cercenasco (TO) - P.IVA 10650300014
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